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On the radar: Black Foxxes

The industry is rife with beige and vanilla,” says Mark Holley, frontman of Exeter’s Black Foxxes.

Bands are chomping at the bit to step into the ordinary, and I wanted to change that

The three-piece are certainly hard to ignore, recalling Manchester Orchestra and Brand New with a bit of Radiohead’s introverted, uniquely British weirdness.

'Well done

Last year’s debut I’m Not Well was a line in the sand, showcasing an endearingly earnest songwriter and a trio with deft dynamic ear. Mark conjures his palette of gritty, evolving distortions from a modded Manson MA Classic (with TV Jones and Manson MBK-1 pickups), plus a Vox AC30 and Fender ’68 Princeton (recently switched out for a Marshall Bluesbreaker).

“I just have them all running at the same time,” comments Mark. “It's delicious.” We heartily agree.

  • For fans of: Manchester Orchestra, Brand New
  • Hear: Whatever Lets You Cope
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