Oi, Grandad! Treat yourself to a brand-new FREE synth plug-in here

(Image credit: HISE)

Oi, Grandad! Got your attention? Good. Now click the link below and bag yourself an entirely free granular synth – albeit only available in Mac OS compatible form right now.

The synth features four voices, each of which has its own filter, envelope and delay controls. It's basically four complete synths in one.

Each voice can hold a .wav audio file and has familiar granular controls for manipulation. Use the on-screen dials to adjust grain, density, position, detune, spread and pitch. The filter has multiple modes and there's full cut-off and resonance knobs to play with.

And that's not all. There's an extensive modulation section offering 12 different modulation sequencers so you can use them as a simple LFO or get your groove on with controls over pitch and timing for more complex sequences. 

There's even a drone button for rapid envelope-ignoring creation of moody soundscapes and animating pads and textures. 

And – given that the primary sound sources are your own .wav samples – it's tailor-made for making a sound that's literally all your own.

Its core is based on open-source HISE development (respect to all involved) and we're really impressed with the range of features and ease of use. 

There's even a YouTube video of the synth in action so you audition it before you go to the effort of downloading.

Convinced? Get yours for free right here.

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