Novum is an exciting new softsynth with endless possibilities

Tracktion software and Dawsome have combined, once again, to release an exciting new sample-based softsynth called Novum.

This expressive instrument can take any sample you throw at it and open an entirely new sonic universe for you to play in.

Novum's engine is based on a mix of granular, spectral and subtractive synthesis and allows you to create entirely new sounds from one sample.

Select from one of the many included waveforms, or drop in a sample of your own and dive into up to six layers with a whole host of features to shape the sound.

You can create new textures with cross-synthesis by combing the timbral information from one sample and applying it to another, or take things even further with the Homogenize function, to add textural smoothness, not usually associated with granular synths.

Use the filter to sculpt frequencies, or ramp up the Syntify option to add in more harmonic content, the possibilities with Novum are seemingly endless. And we've not even touched on all the modulation, enveloping and effects options.

Novum is the third instrument from Tracktion's collaboration with Peter V, aka Dawsome, following on from Abyss and Chop Suey. Like its stablemates, Novum is 64-bit, VST3 and AU compatible.

If you're as excited as we are to get your hands on Novum then check out the Tracktion website now and enjoy a limited-time offer of 30% off if purchased before 2nd July 2022.

Tracktion Software presents Dawsome Novum

(Image credit: Tracktion Software)

Novum features

  • Granular Synthesis with up to 6 layers.
  • Disentangled editing of timbre and temporal evolution.
  • Timbre flower allows spectral modification of timbres.
  • Cross synthesis via drag and drop.
  • Advanced subtractive with SYNTIFY, analog filter and comb filter.
  • Powerful and intuitive modulation system.
  • Full MPE support.
  • Highly optimised for CPU efficiency.
  • 300+ factory patches.
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