Novation’s new Circuit Synth Editor helps you to get further under the hood

Novation has released a new editor for its inspirational groovebox, the Circuit Synth Editor. The new tool expands on the work already laid down by the Circuit Macro Editor and adds the ability to edit both of Circuit’s synths in their intirety.

The extended features include control over waveforms; the amount of interpolation between the waves is adjustable and you’re able view the output waveform. Both LFOs are opened up for tweaking and you’re also able to edit and view the three separate envelopes for each synth voice. 

Of course no synth editor would be complete without access to filter controls, which include key tracking, seven Drive options, oscillator bypass, and six filter types. All 20 modulation slots of the synth engine can be accessed, giving you the option to select up to two modulation sources for each slot, define the depth of the modulation being sent to the destination, and define where the modulation signal will be sent.

If you’re even slightly concerned that opening up so much of Circuit may sound daunting, then fear not as Novation has added in some helpful tips throughout the interface; handy little question marks placed around the interface will further reveal more contextual information and you’ll be met with a short tutorial on entering the editor for the first time.

The Circuit Synth Editor is available now as part of the Components content manager and you can find out more on the new service on the Novation website.

Simon Arblaster
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