Not so Way Huge after all: the MkV Green Rhino is a smaller overdrive pedal

(Image credit: Way Huge)

The much-loved Way Huge Green Rhino overdrive pedal has proved it can still surprise us, even in its fifth iteration – it's managed to scale down in size while adding new features. 

Guide to overdrive pedals

The new small Frequency and Curve controls offer more detailed fine tuning alongside the traditional Volume, Tone and Drive.

The Frequency offers a boost or cut at either 100Hz or 500Hz – the choice between the two is accessible via an internal switch.

The Curve knob allows players by roll off the high-end.

(Image credit: Dunlop)

The Green Rhino MkV is part of a range of new scaled-down Way Huge Smalls range that includes the Pork & Pickle Overdrive & Fuzz pedal , Conspiracy Theory Professional Overdrive and Supa-Lead Overdrive. 

The Way Huge Green Rhino MkV is $129.99. For more info, check out

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