Newfangled Audio says that its Invigorate plugin is a bus compressor like no other

If your current bus compressor isn’t getting you to the sonic place you want to be, Newfangled Audio is offering a potentially revitalising alternative in the shape of its new Invigorate plugin.

The company begins its pitch by positing that ​​compression, limiting, and overdrive are all the same thing, and that Invigorate can handle the lot. Not just on your drum or mix bus, either, but on any element of your track.

The plugin enables you to morph between compression, limiting and overdrive on a radar-style interface, with a Mix control being used to set the amount of processing you want to apply. You can also tailor the frequencies of the sidechain signal with the Sensitivity control, and overdrive the dynamics processing via the Input Exciter.

You also have Output Tone controls to play with - these adjust the sound of the wet signal before it’s mixed with the dry - and it’s possible to adjust the gain curve with Shape, Squash and Gate controls.

Newfangled Audio says that it’s implemented a gain compensation algorithm so you’re not tricked into thinking that ‘louder is better’, while oversampling and anti-aliasing are designed to ensure that the sound is clean with no digital aliasing.

Find out more on the Eventide website. Invigorate runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats and is currently available for the introductory price of $49 (regular price $99). A 30-day demo means that you can try before you buy.

Ben Rogerson

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