Tremonti returns with moody juggernaut new single If Not For you

Mark Tremonti is not used to downtime off the road and had his longest time away in over a decade due to pandemic. Now he's returning with a new record on 24 September in the shape of Marching In Time, and his band Tremonti have just revealed lead single If Not For You.

A moody mid-paced juggernaut than Tremonti's usual singles, it showcases the musician's continued growth as a lead vocalist. 


(Image credit: Carlos Amoedo)

Marching In Time is the follow-up to 2019's A Dying Machine concept album and will draw from events over the last year to form the basis of it's 12 songs.

Matching In Time tracklisting:

1. A World Away

2. Now And Forever

3. If Not For You

4. Thrown Further

5. Let That Be Us

6. The Last One Of Us

7. In One Piece

8. Under The Sun

9. Not Afraid To Lose

10. Bleak

11. Would You Kill

12. Marching In Time

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