Neural DSP Quad Cortex CorOS 1.1.0 now available adding new effects and more

If you're the lucky owner of a Neural DSP Quad Cortex, congratulations – you have what is probably the best multi-effects pedal you can buy right now that sets a new standard for modelling. And now the new CorOS 1.1.0 update improves it.

Alongside performance updates it brings to new effects patches with Digital Flanger and Shimmer Reverb. The effects and amp modeller also receives optimised reverb and delay modules as well, along with m a 25% faster boot time and improved USB audio performance with both MacOS and Windows.

Neural DSP Quad Cortex

(Image credit: Future / Olly Curtis)

The full list of changes are as follows:

  • Reverb (Modulated, Cave, Hall, Ambience, Room) devices have been optimised. Significantly more instances can be run in a single Preset.
  • Reverb (Modulated, Cave, Hall, Ambience, Room) algorithms have been improved, resulting in improved clarity and additional openness to sound.
  • Delay (Digital, Ping Pong, Simple, Tape) devices have been optimised. Significantly more instances can be run in a single Preset.
  • System boot time has been reduced by approximately 25%. Users with a large number of user Presets should see even greater improvement in performance.
  • USB audio performance has been significantly improved on MacOS and Windows computers.
  • When downloading Presets or Neural Captures from Cortex Cloud, a spinner now displays when the item is downloading, and a checkmark displays to indicate the download has completed. The checkmark remains visible to indicate previously downloaded items.
  • The default parameters for the Simple Flanger and all Reverb devices have been modified.
  • Items can now be removed from the 'Shared with Me' folder.
  • A warning message now displays when connecting to a WiFi network with low signal strength.
  • A warning message now displays when sending logs via the Send Report menu.
  • Several buttons have been optimised in The Directory to provide more space for Preset/Capture/IR names.
  • The Darkglass AOU Captures in Factory Captures 2 have been reorganised to be in the correct order.

To update your unit, head to Neural DSP


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