Neural DSP's latest Quad Cortex update adds new amps, effects and more

If you own Neural DSP's Quad Cortex not only do you have the benchmark multi-effects and amp modelling processor right now, but you are also getting more goodness with every generous update. And the new CorOS 1.4.0 is no exception.

Nine new guitar amp models, three overdrive pedals, 10 new effects and the highly-anticipated Minivoicer algorithm are the headline additions here. Hang on, what's a Minivoicer? 

It allows players to add two pitch-shifted voices on top of one’s signal. 'The voicing library provides control over the root note, modes, and chords for harmonising as well as arpeggiating,' states Neural DSP. 'Activate MIDI to harmonise one’s DI signal to the MIDI-instructed pitch allowing users to harmonise to chord changes.'

Best high-end guitar amps: Neural DSP Quad Cortex

(Image credit: Future)

Best guitar amps: Neural DSP Quad Cortex

(Image credit: Neural DSP)

Neural DSP Quad Cortex review 

Let's take a look at that amp list too, just in case we didn't feel jealous enough of Quad Cortex owners…

• Bogna Uber Clean (Bogner Überschall Rev. Blue - Clean)

• Bogna Uber Lead (Bogner Überschall Rev. Blue - Lead)

• D-Cell Hisbert Ch1 (Diezel Herbert - Ch1)

• D-Cell Hisbert Ch2 (Diezel Herbert - Ch2)

• D-Cell Hisbert Ch3 (Diezel Herbert - Ch3)

• US HP Tweed TWN Bright (Fender High Power Tweed Twin 5F8-A - Bright)

• US HP Tweed TWN Bright Jumped (Fender High Power Tweed Twin 5F8-A - Bright Jumped)

• US HP Tweed TWN Normal (Fender High Power Tweed Twin 5F8-A - Normal)

• US HP Tweed TWN Normal Jumped (Fender High Power Tweed Twin 5F8-A - Normal Jumped)

The overdrive additions feature some absolute beauties too; No-Bell OD1 (Nobels ODR-1; Red Drive (Keeley Red Dirt); and Vemural Ray (Vemuram Jan Ray).

There's ten new delay, compressor, modulation, and wah effects too:

• Dual Delay
• Chief CS3 (BOSS CS-3 Compression Sustainer)
• Legendary 87 (ST) (Universal Audio 1176)
• Opto Comp (ST)
• Solid State Comp (ST)
• VCA Comp (ST)
• Chief DC2W (M) (BOSS DC-2W)
• Chief DC2W (ST) (BOSS DC-2W)
• MX Phase 95 (MXR Phase 95)
• Crying Wah (Dunlop Cry Baby GCB-95)

For the full list of changes check out Neural DSP

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