Neural DSP’s Quad Cortex 2.00 update adds Hybrid Mode and nearly 900 new Neural Captures


Neural DSP Quad Cortex

(Image credit: Future / Olly Curtis)

Neural DSP Quad Cortex review

Neural DSP has launched a major upgrade to its 5-star-rated Quad Cortex amp modeling and FX unit, and it includes the Hybrid Mode that many users have been hankering after, as well as front-end updates focussing on usability, search and cloud connectivity. To sweeten the deal still further, the update brings nearly 900 all-new Neural Captures.

First up, that Hybrid Mode will let you mix, match and combine existing modes, before assigning the results to the footswitches, meaning you can clean out modes you don’t need.

Besides this, the most visible update work has been done an extensive overhaul of the Directory, which should allow you to more easily and quickly zero in on favoured Presets, Captures and more, with a new Category search in play.

Other significant additions include Cab/IR global bypass, a global EQ, master volume knob assignment, a gain reduction meter and tap tempo scene change.

Best of all, as far as we're concerned, Neural DSP has added a huge batch of new Neural Captures - nearly 900, all told - meaning you’ll have a slew of new ‘gear’ options to explore. 

For all the details, check out the official release video, above, or head over to

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