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Native Instruments’ new plugin effect pack offers all Mod cons

If you feel like your modulation effects could do with an upgrade, Native Instruments thinks that the Mod Pack can help. Part of the company’s Effects Series, this contains flanger, chorus and phaser plugins.

Flair is purportedly a different kind of flanger that, as well as emulating vintage tape and pedal flanging effects, has a Voices mode that uses multiple delay lines to created tuned harmonic flanging layers and resonances. Choral, meanwhile, is inspired by classic chorus, ensemble and unison effects from the past four decades.

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Finally, there’s Phasis, the phaser plugin that was originally available for free. Inspired by classic phasers, this also adds a few new features. You can change the spacing of the phaser’s notches with the Spread control - expect vocal-style effects when you do this - and Ultra mode pushes the modulation to ultra-high rates, giving you FM-style tones.

Effects Series - Mod Pack is available now at the NI Online Shop for £59/€69/$69; if you already own Phasis you can upgrade to the full pack for £44/€49/$49.