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NAMM 2020 VIDEO: New Laney MiniStacks, powered LFR cab and Black Country Customs Spiral Array multi-chorus on the way

NAMM 2020: Laney has unleashed a range of new gear of all shapes and sizes at this year's NAMM show, including new MiniStack practice amps (including optional Bluetooth connectivity), a powered cab for digital modelling and a new Black Country Customs pedal, the Spiral Array.

We stopped by their NAMM 2020 booth to get the highlights.


The mini practice amp is not a new concept in 2020, but it is going to be a long time before we tire of seeing miniaturised versions of our favourites heads and combos. Laney's new MiniStacks come in both Lionheart and Ironheart styling. Under the hood there is a 6-watt amp and four three-inch speaker drivers. It also offers two channels, plus gain, tone and volume controls and a built-in delay effect. 

In addition, there's an aux-in, headphone output and Laney's proprietary LSI smartphone link, for use with modelling apps. There's also Bluetooth connectivity, which is a major plus on a practice amp, though, there is a non-Bluetooth option available, too.


(Image credit: Laney)

Like the LFR-112, the LFR-212 is a tech-savvy cab with a simple concept – it aims to give a powerful, yet clean and clear platform for those looking to use digital modellers in the live environment. Offering a knock-out 800-watts with what Laney promises is a "detailed, accurate full range flat response", the LFR-212 contains two 12-inch drivers and a one-inch LaVoce Compression driver. Round the back there's an XLR/jack combination input, 3.5mm aux-in, link out, switchable cabinet emulation, XLR DI output and a high-frequency trim control. It looks like a promising solution to an increasingly common headache.

Black Country Customs Spiral Array

(Image credit: Laney)

The Spiral Array offers three classic chorus styles in one pedal, including takes on the analogue tones of the 1976 Boss CE1, the 1979 Roland Dimension D digital tones and the rich 1985 Dytronics Tri Stereo Chorus. The style of chorus can be switched via the central mini toggle and there's a three-colour LED indicator, a fully buffered circuit, plus an expression pedal input.

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