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NAMM 2020: Jim Root and Trujillo pickups break cover

NAMM 2020: EMG has announced pickups produced for and in collaboration with Slipknot guitarist Jim Root and Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo.

In development for three years, Jim Root's Daemonum Signature set (below) has a 'Retro Active' design. Both the bridge and neck pickups in this set utilize stud poles in both coils and you can hear them all over We Are Not Kind, Slipknot's most recent album.

At the fingerboard, the Daemonum set sports ceramic studs, for ultra-clean high-end sounds, while the bridge uses black steel poles and a ceramic magnet.

Jim Roots Daemonum EMG pickups

Jim Roots Daemonum EMG pickups (Image credit: EMG)

Robert Trujillo's "Rip Tide" pickup set (below), meanwhile, is built primarily for traditional four-string jazz basses, but can also be deployed successfully on narrow 5-strings. 

EMG's solderless wiring harness is in play and the pickups have a standard volume, volume tone setup, while stainless steel caps help produce the Metallica man's signature tone.

EMG Robert Trujillo Rip Tide pickups

EMG Robert Trujillo Rip Tide pickups (Image credit: EMG)