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NAMM 2019: Electro-Harmonix unveils Mono Synth, updated Attack Decay and Super Switcher

NAMM 2019: Electro-Harmonix has announced four new pedals at NAMM, including bass and guitar Mono Synth pedals, an overhauled Attack Decay and Super Switcher. 

Mono Synth

MSRP: $123.50

The Mono Synth takes your guitar input and spits out your choice of 11 different synth sounds. The Sensitivity control allows you to manipulate the point at which your playing dynamics trigger the synth, while you can balance the synth and guitar signal via the Dry control.

Mono Bass Synth

MSRP: $123.50

Much like the Mono Synth, the Mono Bass Synth gives you a choice of 11 bass synths and offers separate synth and dry outputs, alongside an expression pedal input. The Control knob tweaks a variety of setting, depending on the synth-type selected.

Attack Decay

MSRP: $125

First produced during the 80s, the Attack Decay is tape reverse simulator that has become a collector's favourite. This updated stompbox blends various reversed tape effects with in-built Harmonix fuzz.

Super Switcher

MSRP: $399.00

The new and appropriately-named Super Switcher allows the user to route effects via effects loop and in front of the amp. There's also MIDI I/O, a master clock for syncing time-based effects and tuner and tap tempo outs. In total there's 16 banks, each with eight presets – making for a total of 128 preset slots.


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