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NAMM 2018: Randall writes “the next chapter of metal history” with Ola Englund Satan 50 amp head

NAMM 2018: Given the sheer number of YouTube demos the man puts out, Ola Englund certainly knows tone, so a new amp from the man himself is good news indeed, as he introduces the Randall Satan 50.

Designed by renowned metal amp engineer Mike Fortin, the Satan 50 delivers 50W of power via three 12AX7 preamp tubes and two 6L6 power amp tubes.

Two channels are onboard, with independent tone controls and boost (affectionately labelled ‘kill’), plus power amp presence and depth controls, and master volume.

An effects loop features send level and passive or series return options, while a two-button footswitch is included.

Randall is expecting big things from the amp, claiming “the next chapter of metal history is about to be written” - that could be true, given its inclusion in our round-up of the best new guitar amps of NAMM 2018.

The Satan 50 is expected to emerge in Q2 2018 - head over to Randall for more info.

In other Ola Englund news, the guitarist recently launched his own guitar brand, Solar Guitars.

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