It looks like Myles Kennedy is playing a new PRS guitar we've never seen before: is it the T-style answer to the Silver Sky?

One way of building excitement about a brand new model isn't to announce or formally, but to simply give it to a great player when they're out on tour. And that's what could be the case with longtime PRS endorsee Myles Kennedy, who is using a previously unseen new model on his new solo tour. And this one is significant; it's PRS's first T-style electric guitar.

It first surfaced at Kennedy's Hamburg show from what we can gather – with his band that also featuring his, Mark Tremonti and Alter Bridge's manager Tim Tournier on bass along with Kennedy's old Mayfield Four bandmate Zia Uddin on drums – and while it's very tempting to already suggest it could be to the Tele what the Silver Sky is the the Strat, it looks like Kennedy's pickup spec here is not single-coils. 

The guitarist/vocalist/nicest guy in rock™ has told us before how much he's enjoyed playing Fender Teles on and off-stage, but it looks like he's gone for humbuckers here, and followed his Fender preference for maple fingerboards too. He brought the guitar out for a rare airing on former band Mayfield Four's High with footage of the performance posted online by YouTube user 17Seconds71. 

It looks like Kennedy has also been using a blonde Fender Tele on the tour for bluesier songs. 

We can't wait to see what happens next with this model, although in the case of Kennedy's Alter Bridge bandmate Mark Tremonti's wild 'Concept' model below, they don't always become production models. And we're still waiting on that Yamaha guitars we saw the Smashing Pumpkins roadtesting. But here's hoping! 

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Rob Laing
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