Has MXR perfected the mini phaser pedal with the Deep Phase?

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MXR created arguably the greatest phaser pedal of all time with the Phase 90 (but we love you too, EHX Small Stone) so we're obviously going to be interested in its new Deep Phase mini pedal. And it's got one more knob than its orange big bro Phase 90 and fellow downscaled pedal, the Phase 95 Mini!

The M279 MXR Deep Phase is said to build on the Phase 90 circuit with not only a Speed control to alter the rate, but a FDBK knob too that controls intensity. And what's that Mode II button all about?

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MXR Phase 90

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In praise of: MXR Phase 90

It doubles the pedal's four-phase shift to create an eight-stage phasers for what MXR calls “twice the number of peaks and a more animated texture.” All this and it frees up valuable space on your pedalboard! 

Colour us orange with excitement, because we do love a phaser on our 'board. 

The MXR Deep Phase is priced at $129.99. More info at Jim Dunlop

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