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MXR Classic Overdrive and Distortion pedals are just $39.99 at Guitar Center

(Image credit: MXR)

We're used to seeing new distortion and overdrive pedals hitting the market for over $200, so Guitar Center's current $39.99 deals on the M86 Classic Distortion and M66S Classic Overdrive units from iconic pedal brand MXR are very welcome  indeed and might just be the best bang for buck effects pedal offer to be found by the end of this year's Prime Day music deals

Both are $20 off their usual $59.99 price tags – already a very good price for the quality on offer, but now an absolute bargain from the brand that gave electric guitar players the legendary Phase 90 phaser and Dyna Comp Compressor pedals.

(Image credit: MXR)

The MXR M66S Classic Overdrive is a wonderfully simple proposition like all the best drive pedals should be; adding sustain and gain when you need it without overly flavouring your signal and your guitar or amp's tonal hallmarks.

(Image credit: MXR)

The MXR M86 Classic Distortion offers you everything from singing overdrive to huge crunch and all points in between, but MXR's signature expertise has engineered it to be transparent enough to let your guitar and amp's character shine through.

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