MusicNomad at Guitar Showcase 2021: innovative guitar care products, trusted by top techs

MusicNomad at Guitar Show 2021
(Image credit: Music Nomad)

Since 2010, MusicNomad Equipment Care has been making premium and innovative guitar care products used and trusted every day by top guitar repair shops, guitar makers, and touring techs in over 40 countries. 

Pro quality but affordable, MusicNomad is also the "go-to" for countless guitar players around the globe to help their guitars look, sound and play the best! 

Whether changing strings, setting up your guitar, or detailing every inch of your gear, MusicNomad products are designed and engineered to be best in class. 

From top to bottom each product is so well thought out that it is clear their passion for guitar care is unmatched. 

Top MusicNomad products

With over 75 industry leading products it's hard to talk about them all, but some of the favorites are their 100% Natural Fretboard Oil that cleans and conditions your fingerboard like no other, their guitar tech tool sets that can adjust about anything on a guitar, string changing tools that make changing strings a breeze and fun.

Keep It Simple, Setup™

After 2 years of research and development and in collaboration with top guitar repair shops, MusicNomad has developed the KEEP IT SIMPLE, SETUP™.

They demystified the guitar setup process by developing innovative, precision gauges and tools combined with step-by-step general guidelines anybody can follow and setup their guitar to play and sound great.

Free setup guides and how-to videos

With MusicNomad's KISS method and their gauges, you can check the vital areas of your guitar and use their tool kits to perform your own setups.

They have a 24 page instructional booklet available in 7 languages, downloadable for free and many how-to videos both by setup task, as well as many complete setup video tutorials for popular brands such as Fender, Gibson, Taylor, PRS, and more.

Not only is it fun but a properly setup guitar takes your playing and sound to a whole new level.

Learn more at Their website has a very cool Setup Hub section where you can find everything you need to know so you can start setting up your guitar.

KISS Your Guitar with MusicNomad's KEEP IT SIMPLE, SETUP™.

Make sure you check out what all the buzz is around MusicNomad as they are truly redefining and raising the bar in Equipment Care.


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