Mr Black promises “ooey-gooey swirling syrup” and more from its versatile new 8-Stage Phase Shifter mini pedal

Portland, Oregon effects pedal specialists Mr Black has expanded its super-popular mini guitar effects pedal range with an 8-stage phase shifter inspired by its superb, MusicRadar-approved GilaMondo.

The Mini Phaser assumes a familiar form, and is tiny, and that’s good news for your pedalboard real estate. But it has no shortage of psychedelic potential, with good ol’ Mr B promising “ooey-gooey swirling syrup” by the bucketload, from a phaser pedal that measures under four inches long.

Mr Black Mini Phaser

(Image credit: Mr Black)

There are controls for Width, Enhance and Speed, with Enhance control allowing you to dial in a range of phase styles, from sense of mild, lightheaded wooziness that we might imagine would go well with clean tone electric guitar jangle to what Mr Black describes as “heavy, thick, vocal throb”.

You know the sort of sound – it's like that feeling like you might have picked the wrong mushroom on what was to be a wholesome afternoon foraging for Sunday night’s dinner. Indeed, for a small pedal, the Mini Phaser certainly sounds powerful and versatile, capable of dialling in subtle movement to sort of robotic Uni-Vibe vibes, and it can also be set super-slow for those stuck-in-treacle tones.

The Mini Phaser is available now, priced $139. See Mr Black for more details.

Jonathan Horsley

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