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Morgan’s Dual 20 teams its AC 20 Deluxe and Abbey for one all-powerful amp

Boutique guitar amp co Morgan has announced the Dual 20, which combines its AC 20 Deluxe and Abbey amps into one 20W tube head.

The amp’s Normal channel promises everything from EL84 chime to high-gain growl, adjusted via a bass cut and a bright switch.

Switching over to the Top Boost adds bass and treble controls, plus an extra gain stage, promising Tom Petty and Beatles-esque tones.

Other features include a global cut control and Morgan’s Power Level control, which limits the size of the output signal that can be produced by the output tubes - rather than choking the volume, it allows the amp to behave as if it’s running at full volume, apparently.

Morgan reckons this feature is revolutionary and will enable pedal users to dial in the sweet spot for their stompboxes - it goes from 20W down to 1/4W.

If you’re looking for boutique AC30-style tones, Morgan looks to have you covered with this beauty, which is available now in Black, Twilight and Driftwood finishes for $1,500/£1,999.

See Morgan Amps for more info.

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