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Mesa/Boogie's Fillmore 100 adds headroom to its vintage-voiced series

Mesa/Boogie has announced a new heavyweight addition to its Fillmore range of guitar amps. The all-new 100-watt model joins the existing Fillmore 25 and Fillmore 50 in paying homage to the company's original tweed-inspired, vintage-voiced designs.

Like its predecessors, the 100 is a deliberately simple two-channel affair, with three primary modes, this time powered by four 6L6 tubes, doubling-up the 50's two.

Once again, those two channels are identical - cloned, even - and footswitchable, with clean, drive and hi modes, plus independent gain, treble, mid, bass, presence, reverb and master controls. There's also an onboard all-tube, long-tank, spring reverb with independent channel controls and a buffered, series tube FX Loop.

Check out the demo video above, and head over to Mesa/Boogie for more details.

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