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Mesa/Boogie debuts Walkabout-inspired Subway WD-800 bass amp

Mesa/Boogie has announced a wealth of new gear in its Subway bass amp line, including the WD-800 amp, Ultra-Lite 2x12, 2x15 and 4x10 cabs, and Subway+ Bass DI-Preamp.

The WD-800 ($999) is designed to be a more powerful version of Mesa’s Walkabout bass head, pairing a tube preamp with Class D output, as well as integrating rotary shelving tone controls and a semi-parametric EQ.

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A high-pass filter and power amp damping control are also onboard, allowing players to adjust sub-low frequencies and the tracking and feel of the power amp.

Meanwhile, the Ultra-Lite 2x12 ($1,199), 2x15 vertical ($1,599) and 4x10 ($1,599) cabs are all built in Petaluma, California, constructed from lightweight Italian poplar, and loaded with Subway Neodymium speakers.

Finally, Mesa’s Subway+ DI-Preamp ($379) is based on the company’s Subway D-800+ amp, including all gain and level controls, tone shaping, two-band semi-parametric EQ and interface within a compact DI box.

Head over to Mesa/Boogie for more details on each of the new releases.

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