Meinl unveils fresh additions to its 2021 accessories line-up

Meinl 2021 accessories
(Image credit: Meinl)

GEAR 2021: Adding to its Byzance Trash Crashes and Classics Custom Dark Heavy announcements, Meinl has also unleashed a number of accessories for 2021. Included in the haul of new releases are a Byzance drum key, drum rugs, cymbal rivets, expanded Drum Honey dampening dots and more!

Meinl Byzance Drum Key

Meinl 2021 accessories

(Image credit: Meinl)

Resembling an ornate antique more than a simple drum tuning tool, you won’t want to misplace this Byzance key. It’s plated with an antique bronze finish, featuring the Byzance logo on one side and the Meinl logo on the other. There’s also a hole for attaching a keyring to ensure it’s always close to hand (and that you don’t lose it!).

Meinl drum rugs

Adding to Meinl’s range of drum rugs, are four new additions in two finishes and sizes. There’s the Oriental: Meinl’s take on the classic and almost obligatory studio rug, plus additions to Meinl’s more subtle ‘black’ rugs.

All feature a non-slip rubber backing to avoid the dreaded bass drum-creep, and each rug comes with its own strap and bag for easy packing and transportation.

Sizes for both finishes are available in large (2m x 2m/6.5ft x 6.5ft) or small (160cm x140cm/5.25ft x4.6ft) sizes.

Meinl X-Hat cymbal stand adaptor

This nifty piece of hardware allows you to convert any 8mm cymbal stand thread into a mount for an X-Hat. Perfect for quickly adding an auxiliary hi-hat or stack to your kit, it also comes with a clutch.  

Meinl Sizzle Rivets

Meinl 2021 accessories

(Image credit: Meinl)

If you’re brave enough to drill your cymbal - or perhaps you have a cracked cymbal you want to repurpose - then Meinl’s new Sizzle Rivets offer an easy-to-install method of adding sizzle to your pies. You simply insert the rivet into your drilled hole, then fold out the two tabs. They’re available in brass or silver nickel.

Drum Honey Assortment  

Meinl’s Drum Honey dampeners are extremely popular, and now they’re available in a multi-pack with a selection of different sizes. The amber-coloured dots are washable, and come in a pack of 12 (6x 0,6”, 4x 1” and 2x 1.4”).

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