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Megadeth's Dave Mustaine leaves Dean Guitars to partner with Gibson

Update: Gibson and Kramer Mustaine models have now been revealed here

Jackson, ESP, Dean… Dave Mustaine's had more than a fair share of signature guitars over the years, and sold them too. Now he's followed the Flying V scent back to the source and signed with Gibson, with the dramatic teaser above surely proceeding an imminent signature model. 

The 14-second video, titled 'The Time Has Come' features Megadeth mascot Vic Rattlehead strutting through a graveyard before unsheathing a sword engraved with the words 'Rust In Peace'. The title of a classic Megadeth album, of course. 

Dave Mustaine

(Image credit: Joe Branston/Future)

We wouldn't surprised if all this coincides with the release of new Megadeth music either for a full-on MegaDave March. More news as it breaks. 

Rob Laing

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