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Meet two-hand tapping’s new guitar hero, Sarah Longfield, in this insane eight-string playthrough

The upper echelons of eight-string guitar are full of unbelievable guitar talent, but they'll need to make room for one more: in this exclusive video playthrough, Sarah Longfield stakes her claim as one of shred/prog/math-rock’s brightest new hopes.

Above, you can watch beautifully shot footage of First Flight, taken from Longfield’s debut album, Collapse // Expand, where the guitarist demonstrates her staggeringly dextrous tapping technique on her hand-painted Strandberg model - with barely a pick in sight.

The mind-bending eight-stringer has just signed up to Season Of Mist, where she intends to release her new album, before reissuing Collapse // Expand later this year. Head over to Facebook for more info.