Rick Rubin tells Paul McCartney that John Lennon called him “one of the most innovative bass players of all time,” as they dissect some of The Beatles’ greatest hits

Having previously aired in the US on Hulu, McCartney 3,2,1 - a new docuseries in which the former Beatle talks super-producer Rick Rubin through some of his greatest recordings - is now available on Disney+ in the UK.

This sees the duo going deep into the likes of Come Together, All My Loving, With A Little Help From My Friends, And I Love Her, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds and many more.

With access to the original multitracks, Rubin even manages to surprise McCartney by unearthing some buried musical moments - Paul looks mortified as the producer pulls up the fader on an off-key wail - and reminds him that John Lennon once called him “one of the most innovative bass players of all time,” and “a great, great musician.”

McCartney 3,2,1 is streaming now on Disney+.

Ben Rogerson

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