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Mattoverse Electronics’ Drone Tone MkIII is a square wave oscillator in a pedal

Mattoverse Electronics - the company which promised to make your electric guitar sound like “absolute garbage” with the AirTrash - has announced the Drone Tone MkIII, a square wave oscillator in a pedal.

Rather than effect the instrument input, the Drone Tone produces its own drone, with control over pitch and rate, and is designed to be fed into other effects pedals or provide a rhythmic accompaniment to guitar playing.

Mattoverse Electronics Drone Tone MkIII pedal

This third incarnation features an onboard tap tempo footswitch, rate sync input (0-5V), internal pitch range control and top-mounted jacks.

The Drone Tone MkIII is available now for $159 from Mattoverse Electronics.

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