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Matthews Effects unveils The Cosmonaut V2 Void Reverb/Delay pedal

Matthews Effects has announced The Cosmonaut V2 Void Reverb/Delay pedal.

V2 adds a host of new features, namely three new algorithms: Luna 2, a “haunted” modulated reverb; Sputnik, which runs modulation into a reflective plate reverb; and Vostok 1, a tape analogue delay.

Other tweaks include a 100% wet mix control, analogue dry signal path and, cunningly, alt control: three identical knobs on the ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ row, which can be footswitched between.

Matthews also highlights the fact the pedal will exert less of a strain on your power supply, with a 100mA current draw, and a buffered tails or bypass mode rounds out the spec: tails is the default, while holding both footswitches cuts the reverb signal.

The Cosmonaut V2 Void Reverb/Delay is available now for $199 from Matthews Effects.

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