"Spill your sound into time": Designed in collaboration with Nine Inch Nails' Alessandro Cortini, Make Noise's new Eurorack module is an "audio alchemical experiment"

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Make Noise is one of the most innovative brands in the synthesizer market, designing forward-thinking Eurorack modules and standalone instruments that encourage experimentation and creativity. 

The brand's latest offering is Bruxa, a Eurorack module designed in collaboration with Alessandro Cortini of Nine Inch Nails. Bruxa is an evolution of the prototype which became Cortini's first collaboration with Make Noise, the Strega synth. 

The Strega featured a unique combination of delay and filter that Make Noise dubbed the Time/Filter Experiment, which has been transformed into a Eurorack module for Bruxa, with a few changes to its layout and I/O. 

Bruxa is a multi-tap delay module with more than a dozen feedback paths, with multiple filters placed along those paths to allow for "the accumulation of noise, saturation and signal degradation". 

A hybrid module, Bruxa pairs an analogue signal path with digital processing, using a lo-fi delay chip found in karaoke machines that lends the module a distinctively noisy sonic character. 

New Module from Make Noise: Bruxa! - YouTube New Module from Make Noise: Bruxa! - YouTube
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Bruxa's Time control offers an extensive range that runs all the way from short, slapback-style repeats to chaotically lengthy delays that can be used to build distorted soundscapes; you'll also find a linear FM input that'll allow you to flutter the Time parameter.

The tone of the delay can be shaped with both the Filter and Absorb controls, both of which can be controlled via CV, along with the Time parameter. Bruxa also offers two new CV outputs not found on the Strega, and a number of CV inputs that accept audio-rate modulation.

Make Noise's Bruxa is available for pre-order now priced at $399.

Find out more on Make Noise's website.

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