Loopmasters buys Beatport Sounds and teases its biggest update to Loopcloud, ever

Loopcloud 5 teased
(Image credit: Loopmasters)

Loopmasters has teased the latest update of its Loopcloud service and plugin, version 5, which promises to be its biggest update yet. Not only that, there’s the small matter of the sample boutique buying Beatport’s sample store.

More on that shortly, as we’re sure the two are related. Firstly though, Loopcloud 5 has been teased with Loopmasters taking to Instagram with one of those 9-tile takeover things

We’ve got no more to go on other than the new version “gives you the tools to sound like you, and no one else.” However, we are promised the official release will be coming very soon.

Whatever new features will be coming to the new edition of the plugin and cloud storage platform, Loopmaster’s recent acquisition of Beatport Sounds from Beatport will, most likely, have an impact. There’s the obvious expansion of an already growing plugin, sound pack and sample store, but it doesn’t stop there.

In fact, it is less an acquisition and more a merger, with Beatport promising heavy investment into Loopmasters with the steady integration of Loopmasters products into the Beatport site, Loopcloud being the first product to feature.

The CEOs speak

Beatport CEO Robb McDaniels said: "Our partnership with, and investment in, Loopmasters illustrates Beatport's commitment to delivering the best products to our loyal customers and the global DJ/producer community.
Loopmasters’ long history of delivering a world-class product and customer experience is going to be a valuable asset for Beatport’s more than 36 million annual visitors for many years to come."

Loopmasters’ Founder and CEO Matt Pelling said: “We are thrilled to integrate the Loopmasters product suite into the Beatport site, enhance our sound library with their licensed sounds catalogue and gain access to the amazing artist and label relationships they have cultivated over the last 15 years. The combination of these two great companies will surely create an unparalleled product offering for emerging and established producers around the world.”

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