Look out! The Strolling Piano is a high-speed motorised piano and it's heading your way

The Strolling Piano
(Image credit: The Strolling Piano)

There’s a new wandering minstrel in town and this one is packing some heavyweight firepower. While we’re all used to the sight of lanky teenagers with acoustic guitars picking at Wonderwall at subway entrances or having our park visits ruined by an impromptu drum circle, the sedentary world of the boogie woogie piano has – mercifully – been rather more avoidable.

Until now.

The Strolling Piano is a US-based national network of musicians able to gatecrash your party and bring rocking piano music that literally moves to your state fair, convention centre, theme park, wedding, bar mitzvah and more. 

Like an 88-note Davros, your own personal Strolling Piano player will be able to combine not only the crowd-pleasing performance of rambunctious show tunes, but do it all while magically motoring through their audience.

Part fully featured electric piano and speaker system, part ankle-worrying, high speed electric tram, The Strolling Piano is a one-box-fits-all musical delivery system, piloted by an expert musician who’s not only able to not only belt out familiar classics and requests but do it all from a hi-tech truck that leaves the crowd with no escape.

Unless they head upstairs.

Whether it’s performing pirouettes and spins as part of the performance or merely scooting from one impromptu street-corner gig to the next The Strolling Piano has the power to entertain, delight and confound in equal measure. So when this wannabe Bublé belts out “Let Me Go Home” never forget that he can literally drive there.

With a battery that lasts eight hours, a PA system powerful enough to please an audience of 500 and an HD screen all built in, it’s sure to entertain. Just keep your toes out of the way, eh?

Universal Resort Florida calls The Strolling Piano “A jaw-dropping, head-turning, fun-for-everyone addition to our park.” While Florida’s Seaworld commented, “We absolutely loved having the piano strolling around, making both our dolphins and our guests happy.”

The last time we saw the musical genius of this nature take to four wheels it wound up in the window of Snappy Snaps. But if you’d like a keyboard the size of a small car to come hurtling towards your audience (driven by someone who’s literally busy playing the piano) then check out the Strolling Piano website.

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