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Listen to an album-length mashup of Michael Jackson's Thriller and Daft Punk's Random Access Memories

Thriller Access Memories
(Image credit: Calb)

Ever wondered what Michael Jackson and Daft Punk collaboration might have sounded like? This recently released mashup album should satisfy your curiosity.

Thriller Access Memories pairs the vocals from Michael Jackson's iconic album Thriller with Daft Punk's 2013 release Random Access Memories, to exhilarating effect. Across 13 tracks with titles such as "Fragments of Beat It", "I Feel Human Nature" and "Instant Billy Jean", producer Calb creates a compelling composite of both records, transforming the beloved source material into something new entirely.

The album is accompanied by a neat 33-minute visualiser that sees Daft Punk retreating to an interdimensional ship to enter an alternate universe, where they find a version of their final album that's been made with MJ himself. Check out the video below.

This isn't Calb's first mashup, either: this year, he's shared imaginary collaborations between Frank Ocean and Tame Impala, along with James Blake and A$AP Rocky.

Visit Calb's website to show your support, or follow the producer on Instagram.

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