Line 6 issues an urgent safety warning to owners of the Relay G10, G10S or Relay G10T wireless systems

Line 6
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Line 6 has issued an urgent safety warning to anyone who purchased its G10, Relay G10S and Relay G10T wireless transmitters prior to March 2020.

Line 6 has advised immediate corrective action via a firmware update for the units after "several instances of extreme overheating and a risk of fire".

Best guitar wireless systems: Line 6 Relay G10S

(Image credit: Line 6)

These follow reports by some users of overheating, reportedly during charging. Line 6 issued a 'Recall-To-Repair' with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission in March 2020 and the step requires users to install a firmware update. 

To download the update and for more info head here

So it's potentially a simple fix for users for what remains one of the best guitar wireless systems available for performance and price. The pedalboad-mountable G10S was released in 2019. 

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