Learn six Billie Eilish songs on guitar for free with Fender Play

(Image credit: Matty Vogel)

Fender Play has announced that six Billie Eilish songs are now available to learn for guitar and uke on its online learning app. 

Until Thursday, 23 July new Fender Play users can also get three months of free online, guitar, bass and ukulele lessons when you sign up using the special offer link below.

You can download the Fender Play app on iOS, Android or web and immediately begin learning some of Billie’s biggest songs including: &burn, my strange addiction, ocean eyes, Six Feet Under, watch and when the party's over.

How to get 3 months of Fender Play for FREE

How to get 3 months of Fender Play for FREE
Visit fender.com/billie-eillish-ukulele-giveaway to redeem your code. Once you have redeemed your code you can download the app via Google Play or the App Store and sign into your account. You can also sign into Fender Play via web/desktop.

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