Lars Ulrich's sons have formed a band

Taipei Houston
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Lars Ulrich (opens in new tab)'s sons Layne and Myles have formed a new musical duo called Taipei Houston. The Metallica (opens in new tab) drummer announced the news earlier today, tagging their Instagram profile. 

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From the two clips posted on Taipei Houston's profile so far it looks like 23-year-old Myles Ulrich is on drums, while his younger brother Layne, 20, is on bass and vocals.

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Anyone expecting thrash metal may be in for a surprise as the two brief clips suggest a raw garage blues-rock style. Though we sense the influence of Cliff Burton (opens in new tab) and Jaco Pastorius (opens in new tab) on the younger Ulrich's bass playing.

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In defence of…Metallica's Lars Ulrich (opens in new tab)

Far be it from us to compare Myles's drumming skills to his father at this early stage, especially after we recently penned a feature (opens in new tab) defending Lars against his critics. But we're detecting a jazzier player than the Metallica man. 

The duo have clearly been honing their chemistry for a while, and performances of Beatles covers emerged on YouTube last year.  

The brothers have also both studied at the prestigious Berklee College Of Music in Boston, with Myles leaving in 2020. 

Check out taipei_houston (opens in new tab) for updates. 

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