NAMM 2024: "Build it, tweak it, connect it" - Korg’s Nu:Tekt NTS-1 mkII takes the build-it-yourself synth to another level, adding a multitouch keyboard, 8-step sequencer and more

Korg Nu:Tekt NTS-1 Digital mkII
(Image credit: Korg)

NAMM 2024: Korg’s first Nu:Tekt synth, the NTS-1, was an unexpected treat. A ‘build-it-yourself’ instrument with a single monophonic digital oscillator and the ability to host custom ‘Logue ones, it also sported a multimode filter, envelope generator, three LFOs and an arpeggiator, with the addition of an audio input meaning that it could be used as a handy effects processor, too.

On the downside, the built-in ribbon keyboard wasn’t particularly playable, but this is one of the issues that’s been addressed in the mkII model, which has just been announced. This offers an 18-key multitouch keyboard that’s capable of “polyphonic MIDI messaging”, and immediately looks less fiddly and more fun.

This is by no means the only change, though, as this new Nu:Tekt also has an upgraded sound engine with new oscillator types and modulation effects. These come as a result of a more powerful processor being included. 

Better still, you now get an 8-step sequencer, which supports both live and step input. This is another creative feather in the NTS-1 mkII’s cap - as is the inclusion of both MIDI In and Out ports (it was just MIDI In on the original).

Sync I/O is here, too, as is a USB-C port for powering. It’s a shame there’s still no built-in battery, but its omission probably helps to keep the weight and price down.

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you what that price is going to be just yet, as it hasn’t been confirmed. Expect this to change prior to the Nu:Tekt NTS-1 Digital mkII’s release in April.

Find out more on the Korg website.

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