Klevgrand’s Fosfat “transient fertiliser” plugin promises to nourish and add life to your drums

Klevgrand has released a new plugin for the green-fingered beatmaker - the Fosfat ‘transient fertiliser’. It can be used on any sound you like, but it’s designed particularly for musical horticulturalists who want to cultivate their drums and make them bloom.

Fosfat works by following the dynamics of the incoming sound and adding tonal and noise textures to it. It’s said to be similar to an EQ, but instead of cutting or boosting, it ‘adds’.

If you want, you can simply let Fosfat go to work on all your individual drum tracks, but the fact that you can specify its trigger points means that you can also target specific frequency areas or transients in whole drum kit recordings or drum loop samples. As such, it’s easy to enhance specific parts.

You have controls for trigger frequency and width, while the Floor fader makes it possible to ignore unwanted weak signal ‘debris’. There’s a sine wave oscillator with optional pitch drop, noise with adjustable stereo width, low/high-cut filters and more.

Fosfat is available now for PC/Mac (VST/AU/AAX) and iPad (AUv3/standalone) for the intro prices of $24 and $9 respectively. These will rise to $40 and $15 on 11 July.

Find out more and download a demo on the Klevgrand website.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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