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JOYO Audio launches flagship acoustic amp and infinite sustainer device

(Image credit: JOYO Technology)

JOYO Audio’s flagship acoustic amplifier for 2019, the BSK-60, brings a whole host of busker-friendly options to the table.

The BSK-60 has a rechargeable lithium battery offering up to four hours of outdoor playing time, an onboard 9V DC output for powering effects, and an infinite looper for recording your own backing tracks on the fly. 

There is also Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and an aux-in jack for running backing tracks, while the LINK jack allows players to bring their smart phone into the signal path and use their phone as an effects pedal. 

The amp has two channels, one for guitar, one for running a mic, and both can be used simultaneously. 

The BSK-60 has a rated speaker output power of 60-watt and ships with a footswitch that controls the mute function, anti-feedback feature, looper, and onboard chorus, reverb and delay.

For those looking to create an Ed Sheeran-esque (opens in new tab) setup for the high street or stage, the BSK-60 looks a pretty good option. 

That’s a lot of functionality for $420 (£345, €380 approx). 

JOYO's JGE-01 uses two magnetic coils to create an infinite sustain effect for electric guitar

JOYO's JGE-01 uses two magnetic coils to create an infinite sustain effect for electric guitar (Image credit: JOYO Technology)

JOYO also unveiled the JGE-01 infinite sustainer, which operates a little like an e-Bow and allows guitarists to get – you guessed it – infinite sustain. 

This cool little effect works with clean or distorted tones and has two modes, Normal and Overtone, with the latter bringing out a little more harmonics. 

The battery-powered unit is made from polymide and uses a dual magnetic coil design to get the job done. 

The JGE-01 sells for $69.99 street (£58, €64 approx)

See JOYO Audio (opens in new tab) for more details.

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