Jon Hopkins shares remix of Orbital's Halcyon and On and On: "I used to listen to it on repeat in my room before I had the ability or gear to make any of my own stuff"

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Jon Hopkins has shared a new remix of Orbital's 1993 classic track Halycon and On and On. 

The remix is part of Orbital's forthcoming album release, 30 Something, which sees the duo reworking and reimagining various landmark tracks from their three-decade career in the style of their live performances. 

In addition to remixes from Jon Hopkins, Joris Voorn, Dusky, Jon Tejada, Shanti Celeste, ANNA, and more, there's also a new Orbital track, Smiley, alongside the previously unreleased Acid Horse. The project celebrates Orbital's 30th anniversary as a duo, and is scheduled for release on 15th July.

Hopkins spoke about the release in a post on Instagram. "When I was a teenager my brother Sam introduced me to Orbital’s Halcyon and On and On. I used to listen to it on repeat in my room before I had the ability or gear to make any of my own stuff. I was obsessed with those opening chords and that beautiful reversed vocal," Hopkins says. 

"25 years later the band asked me to remix it for their upcoming anniversary release, Orbital 30. I was so honoured. It was a fucking dream to have all the original stems to play with after all that time. I worked on it in early 2019 I think, then first played a live version at Glastonbury 2019 when closing West Holts on the Friday night. Since then you might have heard it in various incarnations in DJ sets. I’m so happy for you to all hear the full version today."

In a statement, Orbital commented on the album release. “What’s been amazing for me is looking at our past and thinking of all the people who’ve come to see us, they are absolutely brilliant, warm and create such an amazing vibe. They are now bringing their kids to our gigs, they love it,” says Phil Hartnoll.

“Now we’re diving into our past and reminding ourselves, blimey, we really did that,” says Paul. “And it’s still got something to say.”

Listen to the remix below, or visit Orbital's website to pre-order 30 Something.

Read our 2021 interview with Jon Hopkins, or take a look at our Classic Interview with Orbital from 1993, the year of Halycon and On and On's release.

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