Video: Jon Gomm talks us through his signature Ibanez guitars

Guitar Showcase 2021: A player who puts as much passion and care into composition as Jon Gomm was always going to have a special signature models with Ibanez, but the JGM-10 and JGM-5 acoustic guitars are about more than the UK musician.

Here are instruments that could be gamechangers for all percussive players and Jon's justifiably very proud of what his partnership with the Japanese company has achieved.


(Image credit: Ibanez)

In the video above, Jon talks to Sam Drower (whose video wasn't working in the interview - hence our Fonejacker-style workaround!) He explains the differences between the JGM10 and more affordable JGM5 and demos different approaches in playing them. 

To find out more about the JGM series, visit Ibanez