John Mayer proves tone is in the hands with an Epiphone guitar and Roland amp

He may tour with a Dumble, Two-Rock and rack of PRS Silver Sky signature models but John Mayer has class with any rig – and this video proves it.

The context is unconfirmed right now but the cellphone footage uploaded three days ago on YouTube by user Mic00 looks recent and shows the musician joining a youth band lineup including horns, keys, guitar, bass and drums, for a run-through of his classic Continuum track Gravity. 

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John Mayer

(Image credit: Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

John Mayer: ”I don’t really consider myself a blues guitar player

These young musicians are seriously talented too but it looks like Mayer didn't bring his own gear a long as he's playing what looks to be an old Epiphone Les Paul through a small Roland combo.  And he sounds like… John Mayer. Somehow making it sound like a Strat in the intro. 

After Mayer generously gives the solo section over to the young guitarist in the band – who has our massive respect for keeping it together – the footage cuts to a jam with the horn section taking the lead.  

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