Joe Bonamassa offers help to touring musicians in need

(Image credit: Rick Gould)

Joe Bonamassa has launched a new program offering help to touring musicians who have been hit by the current COVID-19 restrictions. As well as immediate payments of $1,000 to players for emergency living expenses, the Fueling Musicians initiative will then offer $500 pre-paid fuel vouchers as soon as it's safe to tour again.

“I just want to encourage everyone to donate what they can to the Fueling Musicians Program that myself and Keeping The Blues Alive in starting, effective immediately," said Bonamassa over at

"We’re going to try to get some immediate cash payments to artists in need to help pay their bills, and move forward, as well as prepaid fuel cards so when they do get the green light to go out on tour, they have some gas money. Because I remember when I was a kid, 20 years ago… if I had a $500 gas card that was 2,000 miles – and it makes a big, big difference. It’s something i want to do because this industry is being brought to its knees at the moment and everyone involved knows that.

"So it's a little something that we can do to help keep the blues alive and keep music alive. You don't have to be a blues player." 

Donations and applications can be made at

Rob Laing
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