Joe Bonamassa pushes his voice and Stratocaster to the limit on up-tempo soul party single, I Want To Shout About It

Joe Bonamassa shares new single, I Want To Shout About It
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Joe Bonamassa has released a new studio recording of the old Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters standard I Want To Shout About It. A soulful work-out for his Fender Stratocaster, the track is taken from the blues guitar superstar’s forthcoming studio album.

There are as yet precious few details besides about this album besides the fact it exists, it’s coming, and Bonamassa’s close friend and collaborator Josh Smith is involved on the production side of things.

Some might well recognise it from Bonamassa’s recent run of shows in the UK and Europe, where the song made a regular appearance on the setlist. It was an excuse, if needed, to bring out the Strat and show the audience that the Bonamassa pipes are in good working order. 

He has scarcely sounded better on the mic, and as Smith notes in the statement accompanying the single’s release, wrapping your vocals around a track like this is not easy.

“Shout About It is a song originally by the great Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters with Darrell Nullisch on vocals,” said Smith. “It's a tough/high song to sing and Joe really pushed himself and nailed it. It’s a real rave up, a party song. Joe has been playing it live lately and the crowds are really digging it.”

Joe Bonamassa is always on tour, and if he is not on tour you might find him in the guitar store eyeing up an electric guitar that’s old enough to be his grandfather, but every now and then he will check himself into a high-class recording facility and get down to business. This forthcoming album will be out later in the year through J&R Adventures. 

I Want To Shout About It features Reese Wynans on organ, Paulie Cerra on sax, with DanniellDeAndrea and Charles Jones backing JoBo up with some stellar vocals.

Bonamassa’s calendar is packed. The next leg of his tour picks up in the US on 26 May at the Capitol Theater in Yakima, WA. After a few shows there and a month’s respite it is back on the long-haul back to Europe, no doubt sharing a G&T en route with a 1959 Les Paul Standard shackled in the seat next to him, with a full schedule of dates in July. On 9 August he is playing the Hollywood Bowl with an orchestral accompaniment. 

See Joe Bonamassa for full dates. In other Bonamassa news, the blues titan has released his long-awaited signature Fender '48 Dual Professional, which is available exclusively through his website. Bonamassa and Fender spend five years developing the long out of production tube amp.

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