Slipknot guitarist Jim Root reveals prototypes for two Charvel San Dimas signature models

Jim Root
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Jim Root's Telecaster, Strat and Jazzmaster signature guitars with Fender have been a huge success, and now it looks like the Slipknot guitarist is releasing his next models through another member of the Fender family; Charvel.    

Root recently posted pics on his Instagram of two Charvel San Dimas prototype signature models that the guitarist says should hopefully emerge "sometime in 2022".       

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(Image credit: Joby Sessions/Future)

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While Root has posted plenty of pics showing both Floyd Rose-equipped models in black and white finishes with ebony and maple fingerboards, he only delves deeper into specs in the comments section on the posts. Confirming he chose a standard maple neck over a roasted option because, “I wanted standard maple so it would get all gross and worn in eventually”.

But it could also be linked to a desire to keep the costs down on these new guitars when they do surface. Root confirmed he and Charvel were “trying to keep it under $1,500”.

Root also confirmed the guitars would have compound radius fingerboards. 

As for those Floyds - he has a long history with them; “All the guitars I ‘grew up’ playing had Floyds,” the guitarist commented. “I moved away from them for Slipknot, [as it] just wasn't practical at the time. But I kinda missed it. So, back to it on some guitars.”

Like Root's Fender Jazzmaster V4, pickups here are EMG Jim Root Signature Daemonum humbuckers with the singular volume knob thats become a calling card.

The white San Dimas prototype features white bobbins - something not available as an option when you buy the pickups separately. "The only way they’ll be available," confirms Root. "Unless someone strips them and sells them."

These aren't Root's only new guitars - he used two new Fender models with Slipknot at comeback festival shows in Rocklahoma, Inkcarceration and Riot Fest. 

The first is a Custom Shop Meteora model by Master Builder Alex Perez.  

The second is a stunning Black Paisley version of the Jazzmaster V4 built by Fender Custom Shop Master Builder Kyle McMillin. 

It's unlikely either will become production models but you can always ask the Custom Shop for a quote! 

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