Jeff Beck & Johnny Depp’s new album, 18, drops today

Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp
Jeff Beck (right) and Johnny Depp (Image credit: Malcolm Connolly/Deuce Music Ltd)

Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp’s long-awaited studio album, 18, has finally arrived.

The duo’s 13-track LP is available on CD and digitally, with a 180-gram black vinyl version due for release on 30th September. 

Currently out on tour, Beck and Depp are scheduled to finish their highly acclaimed European run in Paris in a fortnight’s time.

Beck is also in the process of planning a tour in the United States this autumn with dates to be announced soon.

Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp '18' album artwork

(Image credit: Rhino)

Drawn and designed by Beck’s wife Sandra, 18’s artwork depicts an illustration of the maestros as 18-year-olds.

“When Johnny and I started playing together, it really ignited our youthful spirit and creativity,” explains Beck.

“We would joke about how we felt 18 again, so that just became the album title too.”

When the pair first met in 2016, they quickly bonded over a shared love of cars and guitars and began hanging out.

Having spent a little time together, Beck discovered Depp’s talent for songwriting and performing.

Inspired by their musical chemistry, in 2019 the guitarists decided they would begin work on a collaborative album.

Jeff Beck & Johnny Depp performing live

Johnny Depp (right ) and Jeff Beck performing with Stratocasters (Image credit: Christie Goodwin)

Over the next few years, Beck and Depp tracked a myriad of covers spanning genres from Motown to Celtic.

“We were going to call the album Kitchen Sink, because we threw everything in it,” joked Beck.

“The only game plan we had was to play songs we like and see where they took us.”

Featuring two original Depp compositions, 18 is a dynamic record that cuts across musical styles, with some inspired moments of contrast along the way.

Interesting things happen when you’re open to trying something different

Jeff Beck

A particular highlight is when the second track, Killing Joke’s Death and Resurrection Show, juxtaposes with Dennis Wilson’s Time.  

“The choice of those particular tracks reflects a pattern that played out across the entire album,” commented Beck.

“We suggested songs the other might not think of. It pushed both of us out of our comfort zones.

“Johnny got me excited about Venus In Furs, and I persuaded him to try Ooo Baby Baby.

“Interesting things happen when you’re open to trying something different.”

Order 18 here.

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