Jared James Nichols borrows Paul Kossoff's 1959 Les Paul, plays All Right Now

Kossoff Les Paul
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Jared James Nichols is all-in as a player – no half measures, full commitment and passion. It makes him a great combination with a Les Paul. And a Les Paul '59 Burst owned by Paul Kossoff and used in Free on All Right Now? Bring it on!

The guitar looks positively dinky on Jared's 6 foot 5-inch frame (most do) in this video with Premier Guitar's John Bohlinger (a pro player on the Nashville scene himself) but he doesn't hold back with it; impersonating Koss's signature vibrato and illustrating the cleaner character of genuine PAFs.

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Paul Kossoff

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"This thing sounds good," Jared notes with huge understatement. Too bad he'll have to give the loaner back to owner and friend, Kris Blakely. And the bluesman is now synonymous with Les Pauls, that wasn't always the case as he told us in a recent interview.

"Aged 15, 16 and 17, I wanted to be Stevie Ray Vaughan – that’s all I cared about," he told us. "I had a Strat and I tried to make it look like Stevie’s. It’s f****d! It had a white pickguard so I just spray painted it black, and the funniest part - even when I was 16  years old - I wrote 'Blues Power' right on the back. I had a Tube Screamer as well and I still use it."

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