Jam Pedals adds some eye-popping new finishes to its Custom Artwork Series

Jam Pedals Custom Artwork
(Image credit: Jam Pedals)

Jam Pedals has added another five stunning finish options to its Custom Artwork stompbox series, offering its 808-style Tubedreamer overdrive pedal in all-new Pac-Attack, Molecular and Island Medley designs, a Harmonious Monk tremolo pedal in Pink Drink, and its Ripply Fall modulation pedal in Intrastellar.

These Custom Artwork graphic designs are priced a little higher than the regular Jam lineup but offer something for aesthetes who require some visual flair on their pedalboards. And, crucially, they sound great.

Under the freshly painted enclosures, the circuits stay the same. The Tubedreamer is an 808-style overdrive that can be a real fire-breather if you select the switchable high-gain stage. It uses a trio of diodes for asymmetrical clipping, which Jam
promises makes for a more dynamic and touch-sensitive drive. If you buy into the lore of rare and prized chips of legendary pedals, you'll be glad to know there is a JRC4558D chip here just like the original 808s.

As for the new Custom Artwork versions, we like the looks of the Pac-Attack, which suggests that like the TS-808 overdrive, videogames were at their best in 1980. 

As for the Harmonious Monk, this signature tremolo pedal for Mick Taylor and Dan Steinhardt of That Pedal Show is an all-analogue design with four core sounds courtesy of a a pair of selectable LFOs, plus its harmonic and amplitude modes.

You can use it for subtle movement, dial in vintage harmonic tremolo sounds, or go more extreme for unnatural staccato sounds. You can check out the Pink Drink redesign below.

Jam Pedals Custom Artwork Harmonius Monk

Jam Pedals Pink Drink Harmonious Monk (Image credit: Jam Pedals)

Finally, for the aspiring astrologists, we have the Ripply Fall modulation station with its Intrastellar artwork. 

This conjoins Jam Pedals' WaterFall and Ripple pedals in one enclosure giving you an all-in-one chorus, vibrato and phaser with some clever features such as a third footswitch (positioned in the middle) that tripes the WaterFall's speed setting, allowing for some ring modulation madness.

Of course, at more subtle settings you can get a nice rotating speaker effect, add some lush movement, or add the old-school swoosh of the Ripple's phaser. 

These new Custom Artwork models are available now, are handmade in Greece, with the Ripply Fall priced £239, the Tubedreamers priced £169 and £179 for the Island Medley version, and £219 for the Pink Drink Harmonious Monk. Note that all prices are listed exclusive of VAT, which, post-Brexit, you will have to pay to the courier.

See Jam Pedals for more details. 

Jam Pedals Custom Artwork

(Image credit: Jam Pedals)
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