Previously unheard J Dilla material released as remixable stems on Kano's STEM Player

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Kano, the company behind the STEM Player, has announced that an exclusive catalogue of previously unheard music from J Dilla will be released through its platform.

Partnering with J Dilla's mother, Ma Dukes, Kano has signed a 10-year deal that'll see a catalogue of 20 songs released alongside an exclusive documentary film focused on the late producer's legacy.

The STEM Player allows fans to hear isolated stems in the music it plays and remix the tracks by adjusting the levels of the vocals, drums, bass and samples in each song. Fans can also isolate parts and add effects, before saving and sharing their remixes online. 

The product first rose to prominence after Kano partnered with Kanye West to release his 2022 album Donda 2 exclusively through the STEM Player.

"Stem is about new forms and formats," Alex Klein, co-founder of Kano and STEM Alex Klein says of the partnership. "J Dilla invented how we produce music today. To distribute these never-before-heard songs from the Jay Dee era is an honour. To do so in clean vocals, drums, bass, and instrumental is something even more special."

The STEM Player is available now and will set you back $200. A subscription to the STEM platform, which you'll need to access the new Dilla material, costs $1.94 per month. 

Find out more or preview the new material on Kano's website.

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