Is this Strat and Les Paul combination the ultimate guitar?

(Image credit: Conrad Snook)

Many of us looking for the best of all worlds in a guitar but UK guitarist Conrad Snook has just created it; combining two of the most iconic designs into one double-neck extravaganza. Say hello to the Les-o-caster.

The Les Paul/Strat hybrid has been created by Call of the Kraken guitarist and PMT Birmingham guitar store specialist Conrad Snook.

Snook took a  2011 Fender Mexican Stratocaster Standard and a copy of a Zakk Wylde custom Bullseye Les Paul to build his Les-o-caster.

"Why not have a double-neck guitar that includes the two most common types of guitar?”

“I got the idea after sound checking at a music venue which had a bunch of guitars mounted on the walls in its bar area,” Snook told Guitar World

“I think there was a Strat, Les Paul, Tele and Flying V,  but most notably, a Gibson EDS-1275 double neck. I remember looking at it and thinking that I liked the idea of having a double neck guitar, but how often would I use the 12-string during a gig? 

"That was when the idea came to me: why not have a double-neck guitar that includes the two most common types of guitar?”

Why not indeed!

(Image credit: Conrad Snook)

Snook replaced the Strat's pickups with a set of Bareknuckle Mother's Milk single coils, and loaded the Les Paul-style guitar with a boutique PAF set from Gemini Pickups. 

It's all fully playable and the guitarist uses it in the video for Call Of The Kraken's news single My Head Keeps Spinning.

You can find out more about how the guitar was put together over on

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